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Jim Galford is a system administrator in Colorado with a long background in creative writing. While the Eldvar world is not his first creation, it is his first widely-published work.

Jim fancies his life as being roughly similar to the average Dilbert cartoon. Whether accurate or not, that perspective has led him to create fictional worlds as an escape from the boring doldrums of the real world. Eldvar is an extension of this and was initially thought on as a potential world for a game system only. The more that game setting was fleshed out, the more ideas were put together that did not fit the game, but stood on their own. Eventually, the story world was spun off to live on its own without the game, which hasn't fared nearly as well as the books.

The Eldvar series was finally assembled into a workable story as a result of far too much downtime following spinal surgery. With nothing to do but stare at the ceiling for months while recovering, Jim set out to put together a pile of thoughts he had come up with over the previous year. Within several months, the framework for In Wilder Landswas done and the world was well on its way to being discovered by the public.

Since then, Jim has continued his day job, but works regularly on several new story ideas for the Eldvar world. Additionally, he continues to create side-stories from In Wilder Lands that may be released at conventions or a special release of the book.

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