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(Cover art by Rukis...bonus points if you can guess who all four characters are without reading the book)

"The Northern Approach"

This book is intended to begin pulling together all the threads of the main story arc. I've gotten a lot of commentary that I've made references to people and places far beyond the scope of the story. This is simply not true and will be better realized in book 4, when all the little tidbits tie together.

Book four's focus will is on giving readers a better sense of how the rest of the world is faring and taking the characters into the fight against Turessi. Unlike previous books that remained in the region around Altis and Lantonne, book four will move north into Urishaan and the great walled city of Jnodin at the border of Turessi. Also, book four continues where book two and three left off (as those books overlap for timeline somewhat).

To give a better feel of the times involved:

Book one: Covers ~3 years.

Book two: Picks up at end of book one. Covers ~1 year (approx 15 months).

Book three: Partial overlap with book one. Covers ~13 months.

Book four: Picks up at end of book one, or about a year after the end of book three. Covers about 4 months.

Book five: Picks up days after the end of book four. Covers about 2-3 months...or about 3 years. Depends on perspective.

To purchase copies of The Northern Approach, please check the following links:

  • Kindle Edition, $2.99 (Amazon)
  • Print Edition, $13.99 (Amazon)
  • Print Edition, $12.00 (Direct from the author...still working on this link)
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