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The first book, In Wilder Lands, follows the wildling Estin. Though this book officially is about the start of the war in the region around Altis, that is more of a backdrop setting.

The story lets the reader experience what it is to be an outcast in the region and learn more about how the races of Eldvar interact (or don't). We see both how these "lesser people" are treated within the cities and eventually how they learn to live in the wild lands.

Estin himself is a city-person to put it bluntly. He doesn't belong in the wilderness any more than the author does. His decision to go into the wilderness is initially not his own, but the choice to stay there changes the course of his life and not always for the better.

To learn more about Estin and other characters, please see the section on The Faces of Eldvar.

Book back cover blurb:

"The wilding Estin just wanted to be left alone, find shelter and food, and live to a nice old age. With war escalating around him, these may be beyond his reach. Instead, survival becomes his only goal as he flees civilization to pursue the chance at a better life by following a fox wildling into the mountains, far from the war's conflicts.

The war might still be raging elsewhere, but Estin will find the mountains are far from safe. Estin must decide what he is willing to do and become, as well as who to trust if he is to survive, no matter where he lives."

To purchase a copy of In Wilder Lands, follow any of the following links. The book is just shy of 200,000 words (about 455 pages in 6"x9" print copy or 800-900 pages in the classic 4"x6").

Reviews of In Wilder Lands:

Additional memorable notes, compared with other books in its price bracket:

  • In Wilder Lands has ranked as high as #10 in epic fantasy on Amazon.
  • In Wilder Lands has ranked as high as #31 in action and adventure on Amazon.
  • In Wilder Lands has ranked as high as #39 in all fantasy on Amazon.
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