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The above picture is Copyright 2013, produced by Darryl Taylor for this novel.

"Sunset of Lantonne"

Moving the focus of the story back towards the war, this book is set in Lantonne during the fall of that city. 

This story begins as Altis begins making moves on Lantonne and will continue straight through the fall of that city. It is intended to give the reader a glimpse of what happened to bring all the destruction that was seen at a distance in In Wilder Lands. The elemental and dragon wars in particular will be seen up close and personal.

Due to the large amount of material that had to be covered, this book is approximately 10% longer than either of the previous books. This book should be singular in the sense that it is not my intention to write a sequel dealing specifically with the voices of this book, though the voices from this book will play major roles going forward. Additionally, I would like everyone to welcome my new editor, Tricia Kristufek.

From this point, the overall story arc of The Fall of Eldvar is likely going to encompass an additional two books, for a total of five (and about 1 million words). Book four should begin pulling the stories and characters together toward the eventual ending, then book five will wrap up the stories and bring the series to a finish. This is all assuming I don't get wordy, in which case, I reserve the right to keep the series going by adding additional books about characters that people like, as happened with Into the Desert Wilds.


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