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This book is slightly shorter than the last, coming in at 190,000 words as it heads to editing. The previous was about 195,000. 

Basic info:

This book continues where In Wilder Lands left off, extending the world's viewpoint into the great desert and the city of Corraith. There, far from where the heart of the war raged, people have managed to continue their existence without fear of invasion by the legions of the dead. As with all things, this is too good to be true.

Picking up within days after the end of In Wilder Lands, this book tells the story from both Estin and Oria's perspective, continuing their journey into the wilder places of the world. The wildlings must learn to adapt to a new land, new customs, and new allies, or wind up like the majority of their old pack in a shallow grave, if they are lucky.

The eldest two kits will be followed through what is left of their childhood, growing up in the shadow of the war, even as far away from Altis as this new land is. Estin and Feanne will attempt to keep their relationship strong as the world continues to draw them apart.



If you would like to order a copy now, you can order from the following link:

Print Edition, $13.99 (Amazon)

Kindle Edition, $2.99 (Amazon)

Print Edition, $12.00 (Direct from the author) * Coming Soon!



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