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This collection of "short" stories is being released in digital-only format. Each story is being released separately, with the goal of one per quarter, beginning in January 2016.

Currently, this collection may contain any of the following stories, but is subject to change:

  • A Pack's Closing Story: A story from Lihuan's perspective, showing the last days of his pack and what actually happened there. Released March 2016.
  • The Fox Child's Journey: A story from Feanne's perspective, covering much of her young life and how she came into the service of the Miharon. Covers roughly age two through the day she met Estin. Released April 2016.
  • Flight of the Vulpines: Story from Insrin's perspective, detailing the months between when he fled from Lihuan's pack and when he was found by Estin and Raeln. Unreleased. ETA 3Q 2016.
  • Story from Linn's perspective, letting us see more about the human world outside of the scope covered in the books.
  • Story from Oria's perspective, in the years after the events of book two (~45pgs) - Complete
  • Delayed to collection #2: Therec
  • Delayed to collection #2: Alafa
  • Delayed to collection #2: Osrinne Finth

More info Soon(tm)!

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