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Atall is a red fox wildling a side character in Into the Desert Wilds, though not a voice. He first appeared inĀ In Wilder Lands.

Born near Altis, during the onset of the war, Atall is constantly overshadowed by his sister, Oria. He lives in the shadow of his mother, Feanne, who is one of the greater warriors seen in those lands. As such, he constantly is looking for a way to prove himself, both to himself and his family. To accomplish this, he will look outside of the realm of skills he has grown up seeing as the norm, hoping to make himself something more than his sibling.

At the start of In Wilder Lands, Atall has not yet been born. At the start of Into the Desert Wilds, Atall is approximately three and a half years old (around 14-16 in human years).

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