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Feanne's name is pronounced, "fey-en" or "fey-ann."

Feanne is a red fox wildling, raised to one day take leadership of her father's pack out in the wilderness. She has learned from harsh experience the dangers civilization poses for her kind and will do anything to shield her people from Altis and its people. Loss and pain growing up have shaped her into a ruthless killer, when she needs to be.

Though a free-spirit, Feanne has a deep loyalty for those she trusts...which is a very short list. Those she views as useless, incompetent, or otherwise a burden on her ability to protect others are either ignored or treated with disdain. Her dislike of allowing others to take risks that she believes she can survive leads her many places she should not go, such as Altis itself.

At the start of In Wilder Lands, Feanne is approximately eight years old (around 24-26 in human years). In Into the Desert Wilds, she is around twelve years old (about 35-38 in human years).

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