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(Art by Darryl Taylor. Oria is the red one on the left.)

Oria is a red fox wildling and a main character and voice for Into the Desert Wilds. Her name is pronounced "or-ya."

Born in the first book near Altis, Oria is still young enough that she's managed to push past the horrors she's seen before leaving those lands. Despite being young, she knows that her ability to fight and protect her family are far more important than any sense of childhood. Any game is merely a way of learning adult combat skills. In a time of war, she has adapted remarkably well. Despite this, Oria is still young enough that she lacks some of the emotional maturity to deal with the situations that come up when facing a bloodthirsty army of the dead and at times, her resolve does waver. She will have to work past this to survive and help keep her family safe.

At the start of In Wilder Lands, Oria isn't even born yet. At the start of Into the Desert Wilds, she is about three and a half years old (around 14-16 in human years).

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